Friday, January 13, 2012

New year, bring it on

Well, 2012 has arrived... it didn't come in with a bang or anything, it's just here.  It's been rather quiet around here lately, Cyrena just started Upward basketball last weekend, so that's going to give us a little something to do for the next few weeks.  I have to admit, we're all waiting for softball and baseball season to get started.  It's really our favorite (although I have to admit, I love football too, but baseball is always going to be #1 for me). 

Just found out today that Kaylee got a part in the upcoming musical, Hairspray, at her high school.  This is her 3rd year to be a part of the musical and I'm very excited that she got a part.  We've enjoyed the last 2, but she's only had small parts or dancing rolls before (although she made a darn good flying monkey last year in The Wiz).  So I'm really looking forward to the first weekend in April when they perform the musical.  Other than school and the musical, her job at the movie theater is keeping her hopping.  She loves it and we're enjoying the benefits of free movies.

Jake's getting ready for baseball season.  He decided not to play basketball this year, so we're going to spend this off-season preparing for this year's baseball season.  He's on a a "team" at school for something called Destination Imagination.  I'm not very good at describing exactly what it is, but it's sort of like "Odessy of the Mind" for those of you who remember what that is.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Cyrena is playing Upward this year, and I managed to talk her into doing basketball, not cheerleading this time.  Which I was quite happy about.  Cheer was too boring for me.  I just have to learn to not be so competitive.  This is a church league and it's supposed to be non-competitive, which isn't working out so well for me, being as super-over-competitive that I am.

Last, but certainly not least, Lily is growing up before our eyes.  She's becoming quite sassy and totally cracks us up with the stuff she comes up with.  As the old saying goes "out of the mouth of babes"... I'm pretty sure she's living up to that saying as much as possible.  We're thinking about letting her play t-ball this year.  She'll be 4 just in time to sign her up.  I think we're really going to have to give this some thought.  She doesn't do too well when things don't go her way.  I can only imagine what on earth she'd be like in the middle of a game.  You never know, she might surprise me.

Well, that's my once a year update, I said I'd TRY to do better, I made no promises, ha ha. 

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