Sunday, August 17, 2008

YAY!!! School is back in!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. As my kids get older, I realize now why parents SO look forward to this day. It's going to be much easier getting the munchkins out the door and on their way this year, now that we live practically in the backyard of the school. The kids have been enjoying going over to the playground and playing. It's nice, we don't have to spend the money on a swingset now. I'll try to remember to get a picture of the 3 older ones and post it. Of course, in order to post it, I've got to find the cord for the camera. Still looking for a few things in boxes from our move. Here's a picture of all of us that Mom took a couple of weeks ago.

Check out our "cool girl". I saw these sunglasses and just couldn't resist. And the funniest part is, she wears them without fussing about it. Who would've thought??? She fusses over shoes, but the sunglasses are no problem. Today she was ever "peering" at Kaylee over the top of them, it had Kaylee cracking up in the car.

Well, I know, very few people can actually get me to let them take a picture, but here's one that I really liked of Lily and me. Lily, as always is precious as can be. I guess I'd better allow a few pictures to be taken, or else the kids will never remember what I looked like :) - I don't want them to think I always looked old.

Now here's proof that even angels have horns sometimes. This picture is just to let you all know that Lily has an ornery streak. She LOVES to "play" with hair (I use the word play very loosely, so far all she does is pull, and pull hard). She really loves her big sister, Kaylee's, pretty long hair, it's lots of fun to pull.

We so enjoy Nana and Papa's visits. They always seem to be over too quickly though. Lily smiles the biggest smiles for them, she already knows that they're special people, and she sure knows how to melt their hearts.

Look at how big my little angel is getting!!! She's wearing shoes no less (OK, it was a battle to get them on her, and it's a battle to keep them on). I just can't get over how quickly she changes. She's reaching for things, and grabbing anything and everything she can get her fluffy little hands on. She's not quite reaching out for me yet, but she's on the verge. Of course, everything goes in the mouth once she gets it in her hands. She now weighs 15 pounds and is just a little over 2 feet tall. We were at a b'day party for a friend of ours last weekend, and another couple was there with their 7 week old baby, and I thought Lily seemed so much older than him. It's amazing how much difference 2 months make at this age. Lily is also rolling from her back to her tummy whenever she wants to now. In the beginning, it was purely accidental when she'd roll over, but now, if a toy she wants is just out of her reach, she'll flip over to get closer to it. Of course, once she's on her tummy, with her arm stuck under her, she gets mad, but maybe that will just encourage her to learn to roll back over.

We hope everyone is doing great, and enjoying the last little bit of the summer. We miss you all, and can't wait to see everyone.

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Mom of little women said...

I cannot believe how long Kaylee's hair is! Everyone looks great. We are starting school tomorrow.