Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big day!

Wow, we have been busy. Guess I lost track of time and it's be quite awhile since I posted anything. Kaylee's volleyball season has kept us running. Last weekend Nana & Papa came up to see her team play in a tourney in North Little Rock. They played very well, went undefeated in Pool play, but then we lost a VERY close match in the first round of the tourney. This weekend there was a 9th grade tournament here in Conway, and her 8th grade team played. Once again they played very well, especially since they were playing all 9th graders. We made it through pool play again, and once again dropped 2 exciting games in the first round of the tourney. I was really proud of how well her team played, they didn't give up, and made those 9th graders earn every point they scored.

Jake & Cyrena got to be in the Faulkner County fair parade last week. Each elementary school made floats and the kids got to ride on the floats. Their school had the cutest theme, I thought. It was a giant Wall-E (from the movie) with moving arms. They had a lot of fun. Cyrena is about to get girl scouts going again, and Jake just started Cub Scouts again. Also, Jake starts fall baseball practices this week. We're really looking forward to getting the baseball season going. It's a short one in the fall, they only play 2 games each Saturday in the month of October, but we have a lot of fun.

Lily has grown up so much in the past month. She has started eating solid foods, and just today, she got to try honeydew melon. At the volleyball tournament, we were taking care of the hospitality room, and we had a fruit basket. Towards the end of the day, Lily was getting a little fussy. She had been so sweet all day long, and so good, but everyone has their liimit, and apparently she had reached her. I was eating a piece of honeydew, and she somehow managed to drag it into her mouth and started sucking on it. SHE LOVED IT, and threw a BIG fit when I tried to take it away. Jeff and I were very careful to be sure she didn't somehow chomp off a piece of it. And then another big discovery late this evening, her very first baby tooth is just coming through. She was gnawing on my finger (she does this quite often) and I could feel the tip of a little tooth just starting to poke through. My littlest baby is growing up. She's also starting to sit up a little on her own. Not for long, but it's the beginning. And she has finally discovered how to roll herself to where ever she wants to get. Tonight was the first time I really saw her doing this. She was laying on the floor a little ways away from me, and apparently wanted to be closer, so she rolled on over towards me.

Whew, lots going on. I'm hoping to get some good volleyball pics from another one of the Mom's on her team, and when I do, I'll be sure to get them posted.

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