Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!

Well, not much longer till Halloween. We're still working on what everyone will be....so far the only person who has made a choice is Jake, he wants to be an Army guy, pretty easy costume, just my style. We're going to decorate my car for the "Trunk or Treat" that our church hosts every year. I think we've decided on a Veggie Tales theme, how easy that should be.

Here's my little Lily looking cute as can be in her Daddy's hat. She's growing up so fast, I blink and feel like I'm going to miss something.
And guess what "little girl" this is. My goodness, Kaylee is growing up to be such a beautiful girl, I can hardly believe she was once as little as Lily. I should be getting some volleyball pics soon, one of the Mom's took a bunch of pictures of the girls while they were playing and is planning on making a CD for each girl. I'm looking forward to getting that. She also took several pictures of Lily, since she went to every game that I was at. It's hard to resist taking a picture of a cute baby!

Look at this big girl sitting up all by herself. She's gotten so good at it, she rarely ever falls over now. And it's so easy to get a smile out of her. She sure keeps us laughing.
Jake's busy with baseball, Cyrena's still doing girl scouts, we pretty much just go go go.

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