Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just another day!!

No new pics to post, right now. I'm sure Nana will bring us some new ones when she comes down next weekend. Jake's getting ready to kick off the fall baseball season this Saturday with 2 games. We'll have 2 games each Saturday throughout the month of October. It's a short season, but it gives us something to do in the fall. Kaylee's volleyball team is still playing, I think we've got about 2 - 3 weeks left. I am hoping she can stay in one piece for the rest of the season, it seems like something new is hurting all the time. I never realized how much diving you can do it volleyball, I'm sure it can take a toll on you. Girl Scouts started back up for Cyrena, I'm looking forward to cookie time. Hey everyone outside of the Central AR area, our cookies are cheaper than the NWA ones, so be sure to buy from us. And Lily is just growing up WAY too fast for Mommy's liking. She is now eating like crazy, she loves her cereal, and now that she's had fruit, she's not liking the green veggies too well. She's also sitting up pretty well by herself now. I still stay on the floor with her when she's down there, but I'm not holding her up. Pretty soon she'll be able to get herself into a sitting position from laying down. She is also rolling EVERYWHERE!!! I turned my back for just a second the other day, and when I turned back around she wasn't on her blanket anymore. Guess it's time to babyproof the house. She weighed 17 lbs. 10 oz, and was 26 1/2 inches long at her dr. appt on Monday. Wow my baby is getting so big. She's really starting to show her preferences for people and things now too. So if you want her to know you, you'd better be sure to come around often.

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