Thursday, August 6, 2009

Been awhile!

Wow, I just realized that it's been nearly a year since I've posted anything to the blog. You can all blame Facebook for that. I got so used to using it, and most everyone is on there that wants to know about the kids, that I completely forgot about my blog. I will try and do better (TRY!! LOL).

Well, lots of stuff has been going on. Lily of course, turned 1. My baby is growing up so fast! She started walking (officially) right after her 1st b'day. And now she seems to just run everywhere - which will explain how she managed to knock out a tooth on June 8th! She was running and put her sippy cup in her mouth, just as I was saying "take that out of your mouth" she tripped and knocked out her tooth. It scared me to DEATH!!! She was bleeding like crazy and screaming (of course), and the tooth was still in her gums, just pushed forward. It was awful. And the stupid ER wouldn't put the tooth back in, they said it's a baby tooth, she'll get another one, so why bother! Well, duh, it's going to be 5 or 6 years before she gets the other one - that's why I think we should have bothered! Oh well, it just gives her precious smile a little personality all it's own.

Lucky me, beginning June 1st, I dropped to part time. I took Lily out of her daycare and she's been home with me this summer. She will start a mother's day out program that is located at the church directly across the street from my office, and will only go on Tuesday's and Thursday's. She's become quite Mommy clingy since being home with me more. So I think it's a good idea for her to go at least a couple days a week to play and interact with other kids. But I am LOVING being home more. And I am looking forward to having more time to get involved in the kids schools.

Kaylee starts High School this year - OH MY!! I am getting so old (LOL). It's so hard to believe that she'll be in 9th grade. She's pretty excited about it, and I know that she'll do great! And she's glad the school is closer than her Jr. High (it was all the way across town!). I'm sure she'll find plenty to keep her busy and get involved in. I'm just reeling from the thought that she'll be off to college in just 4 short years. Time moves too fast for me. At least being home more, I'll get to enjoy more time with her before she goes!

Jake is going into 3rd grade and just started playing flag football this week. He has to wait one more year before he can play tackle, and boy is he looking forward to it (I'm not sure how much I am though, ha ha). He'll start fall baseball in September, then we'll have a little break before Spring baseball starts up. During his "off" time, he's going to take a few pitching lessons and see how he does. He's pretty excited about all of it.

Cyrena has decided to give soccer a try. She's did Upwards cheer last year during basketball season, but we've really been trying to talk her into trying a sport. She'll start that pretty soon, and games will begin in September. She's starting 2nd grade this year.

Jeff and Kaylee went on a mission trip to Wichita, KS this summer (well, Kaylee actually went twice). They had a great time, and met some amazing kids, and really got to watch God work in their lives! They always seem to come home from these trips so blessed! We are still involved in the youth group at church (pray for us, LOL) and look forward to our new group of kids moving up to 7th grade this year!

Well, short updates on all of us, will post some updated pics soon - all 4 kids have changed so much since the last ones I posted!

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