Thursday, August 25, 2011

And 2 years later....

Well, last time I posted anything was in Aug. 09.  I guess we can blame Facebook for my lack of posting.  Once I started using Facebook, I pretty much forgot all about our family blog.  Well, as many of you know, lots of stuff has happened.  Kaylee is now a Junior in High School and driving (OH MY!!!)... Jake's a 5th grader now and has started Middle School... Cyrena is in her last year of elementary school (4th grade)... and then there's Lily, who is a wild & rambucious 3 1/2 year old who keep our life interesting to say the least!  We have so enjoyed our kids and their activities.  Kaylee's invovled in drama at school and has been in 2 different musicals, and is a part of "Off the Top" the improv group at our church.  She's a natural, and LOVES performaing.  Jake's still doing baseball in the spring, but has started his 2nd year of football and we are ready to get the games started!  Cyrena started playing softball in the spring and has found the sport that she likes, so we're just about to start the fall season.  Lily is at a new daycare, and is doing great there.  I went back to work full time in Feb. 2010.  I sure do miss staying home with her, but the checkbook said it was time to go back to work full time.  Jeff's still working in Little Rock, he figures he'll be there at least another 20 years until we get Lily out of college.  But the way time is flying by, those years will be gone before we know it.

I'll be really honest, this has been just a pretty tough year.  Losing Jeff's brother, Tom, and then my grandmother, Moneta, on the same day, then losing Jake and Keith just a few short days later, my family has learned a whole lot about what it means to really lean on Jesus and draw strength from Him when we just don't have the strength to carryon on our own.  We still think of all of them daily and miss them TERRIBLY, but we rejoice in knowing that someday we'll all meet up in Heaven and praise Jesus together for eternity.

I'm going to try and do better about posting in the future.  I know some of my family isn't on Facebook and may think we've just fallen off the face of the earth.  Well, we're still here, plugging through each day.

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