Monday, June 23, 2008

The end of baseball season & Lily makes a new friend

Well, sadly enough baseball is over. We had a much better season this spring. And Jake really improved at both fielding and batting. He has really taken off in this sport, and is already talking about fall ball. Jeff helped coach again, and even though it's so time consuming, he's enjoying it. I'm not really sure what we're going to do with ourselves in the evening now, but I'm sure the kids will think of something to keep us busy.

Above, Jake's ready to field the ball, and to the left, he has connected with another base hit. He just keeps improving! And he's almost as competitive as his Mom (uh-oh, that may not be a good thing).

On the "Lily front", she and Tiger are becoming good friends. He has got to be the MOST patient cat I've ever seen. She can kick and swing her arms around, and he just sits next to her and never even flinches. I guess all the "love" he's gotten from the other kids has made him immune to her swats and kicks. He seems to really like snuggling up to her.

On another note, we're still sleeping through the night (I'm probably jinxing myself by mentioning this though). She has even been sleeping as late at 6 am. It is just so amazing to me, especially since it seemed like it took months and months for my other 2 to sleep through the nigh. Although, according to Jeff, Cyrena slept through the night when she was little, then all of a sudden started waking up again. We're going to hope that Lily doesn't follow this pattern. So far, we've been so blessed by how sweet and happy-go-lucky she is. Even the ladies at her daycare tell us that it's so easy to get smiles out of her.

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