Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th Everyone!!! We had a great 3-day weekend up in Bentonville visiting friends and family. The original plan was to go to a Naturals game and then watch the fireworks, but we decided to just stay at Nana & Papa's and shoot off our own fireworks. Lily spent her very first 4th of July asleep in my arms. But Uncle Scott, Jeff and Kaylee gave us a short but pretty show of fireworks.

Our house is like a ghost town now with all of the older kids gone. Kaylee and Jake are at their Dad's and Cyrena has gone back to her Mother's house. We'll still have her on Tuesday's and Thursday's and every other weekend, but I won't get my kiddo's back until the weekends. It sure is quiet. This morning when I left for work, I started to go wake up Kaylee to let her know I was leaving, then I remembered she wasn't there. So now it's just Mommy, Daddy and Lily holding down the fort.

Here's just one picture of Lily that Grandma Crass took. Grandma bought this little Cabbage Patch doll for her, and they sort of looked alike, so she took this picture. She's growing up way too quickly!!! I'll post more pictures of everyone soon.

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Anonymous said...

This blog is a great idea! You do so well with your comments, April. Keep up the good work and keep posting pictures of our little sweet baby girl and everyone else too!
Love, Mom